• summer sale: 50% off + free shipping for a limited time
  • summer sale: 50% off + free shipping for a limited time

The Essentials

who are we?

We founded MOBIPARADE with a simple idea in mind, enjoying summer without suffering from it's problems.

They say that no one will feel you except, those who been through the same situation, we grew up living in a Hot city, and we really know the struggle, thats exactly why we created MOBIPARADE, to solve this problem and take cooling to a new level.

We at MOBIPARADE believe in high quality, our products are made by highly qualified engineers with best quality materials, and affordable prices.

stop worrying about what you're breathing in.

Because your skin matters

Using Cool Max facial sprayer helps you get a smoother skin

Keep your kids cool

Use Cool Max Capsule neck fan to make sure your kids stay cool wherever they are

a good night rest!

Cool Max air humidifier will moisten the air to creat a soothing relaxing environment and the ambient light helps lulls you to sleep. .


Rob Atkins

Being a professional athlete, means to work hard continiously, Hot weather is a major issue for athletes in summer, it makes breathing difficult, Cool Max neck fan is an amazing solution for this dilema, and it really helps to feel fresh and makes breathing easily.

Emily Robins

Taking care of my skin is one of my biggest concerns as a model, that's exactly the reason why I use the Cool Max face sprayer, it becomes an essential part of my daily routine for skin care.


A mom is the one who takes care of the whole family, especially children, during summer season, it get's really Hot in Arizona, and that's why I got this Cool Max capsule neck fan for my daughter, it keeps her fresh and cool.

John Evans

What's better than having a magically swift and restful night after a long exhausting day at work? it's been 3 weeks now since I'm using the Cool Max air humidifier, and I really feel the difference, it make the air cooler and makes breathing easier, you can also use it with your favourite aroma, it's really worthed.

our guarantee